About us

Decided to go electric?

It’s the smart choice that’ll save the planet, and your pocket.

But that’s only part of the story: pair your EV with the perfect combo of charge point and energy tariff and you could save even more.

Rightcharge empowers you with the information to make that choice.

Our Story

Rightcharge was founded by me, Charlie Cook. After watching An Inconvenient Truth, I was driven to work on anything that would reduce emissions. I switched from a career as an engineer to working in electric vehicles.

In 2017 I joined Octopus Energy to help expand their car charging solutions. I set up the project to install some of the first vehicle-to-grid chargers in the UK, and helped create energy tariffs made specifically for electric car drivers.

I realised that while an awful lot of cool stuff was being developed for drivers, there was nowhere for them to compare their options.

So, Rightcharge was born.

Our Mission

Give all electric car drivers the chance to get the right charger and tariff

Explain the benefits of smart charging

Help drivers save over £10 billion and 3.8 billion kilograms of carbon by 2030

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