The Rightcharge Robots are finding your best prices

The Rightcharge Robots are finding your best prices


Sort your electric car
home charging

We help you choose the right charger and get it installed.

Money saved for drivers


Carbon emissions cut

570 tonnes

Three simple steps
to get you sorted

1. Choose your perfect home charge point

2. Access the lowest prices from our network of partners

3. Get it installed promptly by a pro

Charge points for every car

Right charger

With home charge points, one size doesn't fit all.

Our experts give you personalised recommendations, whether you want fast charging or low cost, sleek looks or solar compatibility.

Find my charge point

Right installer

We've handpicked our network of installation companies. They're OLEV/OZEV-approved, top-rated and fairly priced.

Other charger installers can leave you waiting months. Our pros are typically with you in less than 3 weeks.

Home charging 101

Your questions answered

No, there are very important differences between different chargers. We characterise chargers by 3 features: smart charging, fuse protection and solar integration

We’ll walk you through the steps of getting a charger installed. The most important thing we need from you is to be at home on the day of the installation

Whilst having a home charger isn’t a requirement to charge your car at home, having a dedicated charger has many benefits including being able to schedule your charge to utilise the cheaper and greener off-peak energy periods at night

Yes, but you'll normally charge at only a third of the speed that you would if you had a dedicated electric car charger

Yes! Most new cars and chargers have a Type 2 connection. Please get in touch if you have any concerns about connectivity between your car and charger

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Support at every step

Going electric can be complicated. Our friendly team is here to guide you through it and help you avoid potholes along the way.

Want to chat? We're only a click call away.

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Positive energy

We give you a greener way to charge your car. Use your clever charge point to schedule your charging for the early morning when electricity is cleanest and cut your carbon by an average of 25%. Welcome to the green revolution.