Homecharge by bp pulse


Smart Charging

Top benefits

One of the first home charge points in the market

Connected via the Smartcharge app (no smart charging)

More details


Compatible with all plug-in vehicles


Monitor your energy usage and cost

Remotely start a charge

View historic data

Vary the rate of charge


Select from the tethered version (with a cable attached) or upgrade to the untethered version (a socket for your own cable)

If you choose a tethered charger, ask your installer if you require a Type 1 or Type 2 cable


Lock and unlock the charger remotely from your tablet or smart phone


Fast (7kW) charger


3-year product warranty

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1.0 1 review

Features 2.0

Aesthetics 2.0

Reliability 0.5


14th May 20

Have had our charger just over 3 years and we are about to have it replaced for the second time. Must be very inferior quality.

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