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Mini Pro 2 Top benefits

Small, discrete, and packs a punch

Controlled with the EO Smart Home app

Schedule charging for off-peak hours

EO Mini Pro 2 Specs


Compatible with all plug-in vehicles


Select from the tethered version (with a cable attached) or the untethered version (a socket for your own cable).

The tethered option comes with a standard 5m cable but can be upgraded to 7.5m or 10m


Available as a Fast (7 kW) charger and can lower the power output if necessary (see Fuse Protection)

Fuse Protection (Load Balancing)

Fuse Protection reduces power to the car if your home’s usage gets close to your fuse limit. Now drivers with low home fuse limits can still charge at full power most of the time.

Smart charging

Control your charging and analyse your data with the EO Smart Home app

The EO Mini Pro connects to your home WiFi for remote connectivity

Solar integration

Optional extra to add solar charging (additional £60 with an additional CT clamp installed)

Charger can automatically read your solar panels power output and set the charging rate to match that of the solar panels


3-year product warranty


Height: 17.5cm. Width: 12.5cm. Depth: 12.5cm.


Comes in black, white, silver and blue

Mini Pro 2 reviews Leave a review

4.2 4 reviews

Features 4.5

Aesthetics 4.9

Reliability 3.8


28th Apr 20

First charger lasted about a month before packing up. Second one has some 'features'. Lights on box don't correspond with what the manual says. Sometimes the charger switches on/ off every 20 seconds for several minutes. Charging sometimes switches off the e-Pedal in our Leaf (odd but true!). The app seems to work okay. It's been hard getting EO to sort out the problems.


15th Nov 19

I bought this primarily for the unobtrusive design. So many of the home chargers on the market are large unsightly chunks of plastic.However, since using it for a few months I now think one of its key features is the ease of control via its phone app.


27th Sep 19

We have been installing EO products for the last 2 years and still have not had 1 call back. Excellent product reliability


4th Sep 19

Looks great, app looks good and charges very well and reliably. Car comms isn't always great, reads as if battery empty. Early days it kept going offline and back online, was a bug which seemed to resolve after feedback to juicenet. Notifications good too

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Why choose the EO EV Mini Pro 2 charger?

Modular system

As the electric vehicle market grows and changes there are likely to be rapid changes in EV home chargers and electric vehicles in general. The EO system is a modular system so upgrades and changes are easy. You can easily add more EV charging points at home, to make sure you have enough charge points installed as your home charger needs change.

If your installation is for a workplace or commercial entity then being able to be flexible and make changes can be vital. This modular option offers a charging solution for your business to make the management of your electric vehicle fleet as easy as possible.

Smart Charging

The EO EV Charger allows for smart charging which means you can automatically take advantage of energy prices when they are at their cheapest. This can be achieved by syncing to provider apps such as the Octopus Go app.

The EO Smart Home app allows you to monitor and manage your charging sessions as well as setting a charging schedule, all set up to ensure you get the best charging solution for your electric vehicle.

Solar Panels

Do you have solar panels on your property? The EO Mini Pro 2 has an optional extra to add solar charging as an option. Currently, this costs an additional £60 with an additional CT clamp installed.

This then allows the charger to automatically read your solar panels power output and set the charging rate to match that of the solar panels. To ensure a constant charge your car will charge at a minimum rate, so if the solar energy output is not enough the charge will not constantly be turned off and on (which can cause damage to the car).

While this feature may not be relevant if you currently don't have solar panels it is a nice perk over some other charge points on the market, enabling further optimisation of the charging process.

Power Output

The EO charging output is available as 7.2kW which gives fast home charging and a universal socket.

Cable Length

The EO mini is available in both tethered option and untethered where you can use the cable from your car. The tethered option comes with a 5m long cable for charging.


At the time of writing the EO mini pro 2 is the smallest smart electric vehicle charger on the market. At just 175mm x 125mm x 125mm this modern styled, square can fit discreetly on any home or office.

It is available in black, white, silver and blue.

EO Mini Pro 2 Warranty

The EO Mini Pro 2 comes with a 3-year product warranty as standard.

How Much Does the EO Mini Pro 2 Cost?

Prices start from £649 plus installation.

What Electric Cars are compatible with the EO Mini Pro 2?

As the EO Mini has a universal socket with both a type 1 & type 2 plug socket, it is compatible with most electric vehicles on the market currently. For a full list of which cars are compatible with each charger take a look at these handy links below

Electric Charger Car Compatibility

EO Mini Pro