Mini Pro 3


The same size as an A5 notebook, the EO Mini Pro 3 is the latest charger on our site. Choose either a tethered option with a 5m cable or untethered. Built-in open PEN conductor protection comes as standard, meaning no earthing rod is required


  • Smart charging
  • Solar charging
  • Fuse protection
  • 3 year warranty
  • Cellular, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Tethered or untethered

More details

  • Select from the tethered version (with a cable attached) or the untethered version (a socket for your own cable)
  • Untethered compatible with all plug-in vehicles (Type 1 vehicles require a Type 2 to Type 1 cable)

  • The tethered option comes with a 5m cable. Make sure you select the right cable connector - your installer will be able to advise 

  • Power: 7.4kW
  • Charges your car 3 times faster than a regular 3-pin plug
  • Capable of lowering the power output if necessary (see “fuse protection”)
  • If you have a three-phase power connection to your home (most homes are single-phase) you can upgrade to a 22 kW version which will charge at up to 3 times the speed (available for Type 2 only). Your installer can tell you if you have a single-phase or 3-phase connection at home
  • Smart charging - control your charging and analyse your data with the EO Smart Home app

  • The EO Mini Pro 3 connects to your home WiFi for remote connectivity

  • Fuse protection (preventing an overload of your electrical supply) comes as an optional extra
  • Fuse protection (also known as "load balancing") reduces power to the car if your home’s usage gets close to your fuse limit. Now drivers with low home fuse limits can still charge at full power most of the time

  • Connects to your solar panels using a solar matching functionality (optional extra, using an additional CT clamp)

  • 3-year warranty 

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet. 4G cellular is an optional extra

  • Height: 230 mm x Width: 151 mm x Depth: 125 mm 

  • Weight: 3 kg 

Standard Installation Criteria

Your installation company will check that the requirements of your installation fall within the following Standard Installation criteria. If there are any extra costs involved in your installation they will let you know how much they are and what they are for in your quote.

  • 10m of standard cable
  • Drilling holes and routing of the cable through up to one internal and one external wall
  • Fitting and testing of electrical connections and circuit protections
  • Installation of components to meet the latest wiring regulations, as required (MCBs/RCD/earth rods in soft ground)
  • Including supply and installation of a mini-consumer unit (including surge protection device) and Henley Block
  • No special civil or electrical works
  • Installation and setup of any CT clamps that are included with the product
  • If your installer spots any extra work required they will detail any extra costs at the quote stage.

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