Top benefits

Modular design is completely unique

Allows you to swap the cable for a socket

Control charging with the Hey EVBox app

More details


Compatible with all plug-in vehicles

Smart charging

Control your charging and analyse your data with the Hey EVBox App

Elvi connects via WiFi for remote connectivity

Fuse Protection

Fuse Protection reduces power to the car if your home’s usage gets close to your fuse limit. Now drivers with low home fuse limits can still charge at full power most of the time.

Elvi can be upgraded with Fuse Protection for an extra £180

Special features

Elvi only starts charging with your keyfob or charging card, giving you security from unwanted users

Software updates, diagnostics and even technical fixes can all be done remotely by the EVBox team


Elvi comes with a socket or with a 5m cable attached. Upgrade to an 8m cable for an extra £45.

The unique design means the tethered cable can be replaced with a socket later on, and vice-versa

Add a cable mount (as shown in the image above) for an extra £60


Available as a Fast (7 kW) charger and is capable of lowering the power output in response to usage in the home (see the Fuse Protection upgrade).


3-year product warranty as standard


Tethered - Height: 18.6cm. Width: 32.8cm. Depth: 12.5cm.

Untethered - Height: 18.6cm. Width: 32.8cm. Depth: 13.5cm.


Misty black and polar white

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5.0 4 reviews

Features 5.0

Aesthetics 5.0

Reliability 5.0


11th May 21

Looks pretty slick in my opinion and has worked reliably.


10th Jan 20

Was recommended this by my electrical friend who could give me an honest review of the options. Looks great and I love controlling it via the app, my socketed version my Tesla and my dads Outlander no problem despite different type cables


6th Sep 19

Simple and easy to use, even my friends are impressed with how much I can see on the app + the control features. Works everytime unlike the last charger i had so has been a perfect replacement, should have gone with them first time.

Liliya Luke

5th Sep 19

A great charger - simple as! Reliable and easy to use with nice security features. Also the ability to track and view charging session information is invaluable as a EV company car driver.

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