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Top benefits

From NewMotion, owned by Shell Energy

Manage through the NewMotion portal

Upgrade for Multi-user monitoring

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Compatible with all plug-in vehicles

Smart charging

Control your charging and analyse your data via the NewMotion online portal

Connects via ethernet cable for remote connectivity (or by mobile signal with the Home Advanced upgrade)


Cable lock during charging sessions for added security

Home Advanced upgrade

Upgrade to the Home Advanced for Fuse Protection and Multi-user functionality

Fuse Protection (Load Balancing)

Fuse Protection reduces power to the car if your home’s usage gets close to your fuse limit. Now drivers with low home fuse limits can still charge at full power most of the time.

Multi-user functionality allows each driver to start and stop charge with their own charge card. Track each users usage online via the NewMotion portal

From £729 installed (untethered) or £854 installed (tethered)


The cable comes in a standard 5m length or can be upgraded to 8 meters

All variations of the Home charger are available as tethered (with a cable attached) or the untethered (a socket for your own cable). Ask your installer which type of cable you require if you choose a tethered version


Choose from the Home Standard for Slow (3 kW) charging or the Home Fast and Home Advanced for Fast (7kW) charging


3-year product warranty as standard

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