All prices include the £350 OZEV grant, please get a quote before the end of January to ensure an installation before the cut-off date of 31st March 2022

Top benefits

Interactive LCD screen

Over-the-air updates

Energy tariff and vehicle integration

Compact and discreet

More details


7.4kW (1-Phase charging)


Installed with a Type 1 or 2 tethered 5m cable


3 year warranty included with every install

Dimensions and Weight

Height: 170mm, Width: 200mm, Depth: 100mm

Weight: 4kg

Safety Features

Built-in PEN fault device

IP55 (suitable for outdoor use)

Smart Charging

Once you have set a target for your car's charge (such as 8am tomorrow), Ohme will calculate the energy required and schedule the charge the off-peak period hours of your electricity tariff (if you have switched to an off-peak tariff at home)

Or, ask Ohme to prioritise charging when the electricity grid is at it's cleanest. The Ohme app is able to forecast the amount of renewable energy that will be generating across the UK and select the cleanest hours

Achieve advanced scheduling of your car's charge if you have switched to the special Agile tariff from Octopus Energy.


2G/3G/4G multinet sim card - cost covered by Ohme for the first 3 years

Over-the-air firmware updates


Only comes in black (as shown in pictures)

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