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Intelligent Wall Charger by Ohme


Smart Charging

Top benefits

Advanced Smart Charging system

Choose to charge when the grid is cleanest

Energy tariff and vehicle integration

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Compatible with all plug-in vehicles


Installed with a 5m charging cable attached. Your installer will be able to recommend either a Type 1 or Type 2 connector depending on which electric car you will be charging

Smart charging

Once you have set a target for your car's charge (such as 8am tomorrow), Ohme will calculate the energy required and schedule the charge the off-peak period hours of your electricity tariff (if you have switched to an off-peak tariff at home)

Or, ask Ohme to prioritise charging when the electricity grid is at it's cleanest. The Ohme app is able to forecast the amount of renewable energy that will be generating across the UK and select the cleanest hours.

Integrate with your vehicle account for increased ease-of-use (check with your installer to see if your vehicle is compatible)

Achieve advanced scheduling of your car's charge if you have switched to the special Agile tariff from Octopus Energy. The Ohme app is compatible with Agile.

3G or 4G connectivity for easy set-up


Capable of Fast home charging (7kW)


3-year product warranty


Height: 23.9cm. Width: 89cm. Depth: 53cm.

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4.2 4 reviews

Features 4.5

Aesthetics 4.4

Reliability 4.2


2nd Sep 21

Absolutely amazing charger. So convenient with its ability to link directly into smart energy tariffs. It's also one of the best value considering how smart it is. The support from the company is amazing, probably the best I've had from any organisation. I'd also like to correct another review on here saying that the charger is dumb with an ID.3. This is not accurate. The Ohme charger as far as I know is the only charger that I am aware of that can automatically read the charge that your car has when you plug it in. This is amazing as you can set a schedule and then just plug and forget. Unfortunately the ID.3 does not support this yet but it will I am told in th future. So the charger is just as smart with my ID.3 but all I have to do is tell it my charge before I start charging, no major inconvenience. I would highly recommend this charger.


22nd Jul 21

Doesn't work with VW cars so only a "dumb" cable for the ID range. Cheap though if you get it through the Octopus offer and wanting a second cable. Would prefer more control over scheduling (start time, not just stop time). Would prefer longer cable to connect it to the charge-point, that way I could attach it to the wall. Even still, it's just plastic mounting slots, so can easily be ripped off by the brazen thieves that are around nowadays. The other end of the cable (to the EV) is a good length though. Customer service isn't brilliant TBH and struck of arrogance when I got a reply from queries/constructive feedback.


20th Jul 20

Great to have smart app control with any type of outlet , link with Octopus energy tariff to get cheapest price. Just waiting for more features to allow tighter control to include time / power delivery options.

Gill Nowell

20th Jul 20

I’ve had the Ohme smart charger for a few months now. It’s easy to use, looks great, and the app is simply brilliant. I schedule my charging to suit my journey needs, and to charge when cheap and green. Highly recommend.

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