Smart Cable by Ohme


Smart Charging

Top Benefits

Upgrade your existing charge point to smart

Control via the Ohme smart phone app

Ohme will schedule for your off-peak tariff hours

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Compatible with all plug-in vehicles

Smart charging

Control your charging and analyse your data with the Ohme App

Automatically sync the timing of your charging to match the cheapest hours of your electricity tariff - including the half-hourly dynamic tariff, Octopus Agile from Octopus Energy.

The cable connects to the cloud via its own mobile signal for remote connectivity

Special features

Choose from three power options:

- Plug the cable in to your existing untethered charger

- Plug straight into your home socket with the 3-pin plug version (Slow charging)

- Plug into a 'Commando socket'. Ask any electrician to install one at home for Fast charging


The Ohme cable is 5m long, with the Brain Box (where all of the smart components sit) half-way along the cable


Capable of Fast (7kW) charging and is capable of increasing or decreasing the charge rate to minimise your charging cost and carbon


3-year product warranty as standard

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5.0 7 reviews

Features 4.7

Aesthetics 5.0

Reliability 5.0


21st Oct 19

The cable integrates with my car very well. It has been very reliable and extremely easy to use. The app is great. The after sales care is excellent. The unit is quite small and compact and looks good. I will be mounting mine to the wall. Recommended.


17th Oct 19

I have used the OHME lead on a number of different EV's directly plugging into a 3 pin plug for overnight charging, not being tech savvy, I simply plug and charge without fuss, does exactly what it's made for with any fuss, simple to use!


16th Oct 19

Purchased one at launch for my Renault zoe.It has been a revelation , with previous charger my running costs were a little concern but this has flipped those concerns around. Build quality is faultless, app is simple and easy to use


6th Sep 19

No installation costs. I bought the 3 pin plug version to trickle charge my i3. It’s sorted the problem that the i3 doesn’t allow you to set max state of charge. Works well with Octopus Go (4 hrs at 5p kwh). App dashboard not always easy to interpret.


6th Sep 19

Well made, simple set up and reliable smart charger. When combined with Octopus Agile tariff it charges at the lowest rate, best so far is 0.6 pence per mile.


6th Sep 19

Great to have smart app control with any type of outlet , link with Octopus energy tariff to get cheapest price. Just waiting for more features to allow tighter control to include time / power delivery options.

Gill Nowell

5th Sep 19

I’ve had the Ohme smart charger for a few months now. It’s easy to use, looks great, and the app is simply brilliant. I schedule my charging to suit my journey needs, and to charge when cheap and green. Highly recommend.

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