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Solo by Pod Point


Smart Charging

Pod Point Solo Benefits

One of the most established brands around

See your data in-app (no smart scheduling)

Wi-fi enabled for over-the-air updates

Pod Point Solo Specs

See your data

Get statistics on your home charging through the Pod Point app for your smart phone or tablet


Available as a Fast (7 kW) charge point and is capable of lowering the power output if necessary (see Fuse Protection)

If you have a three-phase power connection to your home (most homes are single-phase) your installer can quote you for the 22 kW version, which will charge at up to 3 times the speed.Your installer can tell you if you have a single-phase or 3-phase connection at home.


Choose for your Solo to come with a 5m cable permanently attached (tethered) or with a socket for you to plug in your car's cable (untethered)


Compatible with all plug-in vehicles


3-year product warranty

Pod Point Solo Reviews Leave a review

4.5 1 review

Features 4.5

Aesthetics 4.5

Reliability 4.5


17th Apr 20

Overall its a very good home charger unit. Pod Point did a very good installation, safe and tidy. It doesn't stick out of the wall too much, nor does it attract loads of attention. The charger has always reliably charged my car over the years and I have no complaints with the functionality. With that said the WiFi connected features are occasionally a little flaky, and I have had to reset it a couple of times to stop it flashing to say it lost its network connection. This seems to be a fairly common thing amongst all brands of charger from what I've heard however. Between the price I paid, installation experience and the long term reliability of the unit it definitely deserves 4.5 stars in my opinion.

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