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Wall Connector by Tesla


Tesla Wall Charger benefits

Remotely open your Tesla's charge port

Sleek Tesla design

Single unit delivers Slow to 3-phase charging

Wall Connector Specs


All Wall Connector chargers are capable of charging Slow (3 kW), Fast (7 kW) or 3-phase charging (22 kW). Your installer can tell you which is the most appropriate for your home.


Press the unique button on the connector at the end of the cable to pop open your Tesla's charge port remotely

Available as a tethered unit only (with the charging cable permanently attached). Tesla have always built their cars with Type 2 sockets, so the Wall Connector is only available with a Type 2 connector. This charger will not be compatible with a car that uses a Type 1 socket.


Compatible with all plug-in vehicles with a Type 2 socket (Tesla, or not)


3-year product warranty


Wall Connector - Height: 38cm. Width: 16cm. Depth: 14cm.

Entry Bracket - Height: 27.5cm. Width:13cm. Depth: 5cm.

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Features 5.0

Aesthetics 5.0

Reliability 5.0


15th Nov 19

Now have 2 of these, 1st one bought 3 yrs ago. If you own a TESLA why would you go anywhere else. Future proof against evolution of the vehicle.

Tesla Wall Charger - Our Guide

With Tesla being the most well-known brand in electric cars at the moment, it's no surprise that Tesla owners are likely to opt for the Tesla wall connector home charger as for their home car chargers. Is the Tesla wall connector the best battery charging solution for your home? Let's take a look at the main features and why you would choose this charger.

Designed for Tesla

The most obvious reason to buy the wall connector is if you own a Tesla. While it can charge other electric cars, it can only be nought directly from Tesla. After releasing in the US last year, the 3rd gen version is now available in the UK.

What Type of Connector Does the Tesla Wall Connector use?

Unlike other home charging units on the market, the Tesla Wall connector 3rd gen comes only with a tethered type 2 cable. This is due to every Tesla model being a type 2 connector.

Smart Charging

The 3rd gen wall connector is a smart charger (although some of the features are pending) that is capable of load sharing and is managed by the Tesla app. Tesla owners will also be able to remotely monitor their charging over a wifi connection, as well as receive over the air firmware updates.

To benefit fully from these smart features you will need to be a Tesla owner as some features won't be available to 3rd party electric cars even though they can be charged.

Safety Features

Unlike previous generations of Tesla chargers, the gen 3 model has type A RCD protections with 6MA DC protection. This means that users no longer need to install a separate type RCD charge point which has increased the cost of installing a Tesla charger in the past.

Power Output

The gen 3 wall connector outputs at 11.5 kW which for the model 3 equates to around 44 miles or range per hour charged. This varies greatly depending on your set-up and which model Tesla you own (the model 3 currently being the best range per hours charged).

Full information around the range of miles per hour charged can be found below on the Tesla website.

Tesla Wall Connector Charger

If you want to charge at the full electrical output level of 48-amps you will need to install the charger on a dedicated 60 amp circuit. It is worth checking with your installer to find out the best option when it comes to installation at your home.

Tesla Wall Connector Cable Length

On the Gen 3 Wall connector the cable length is 7.2m.


Tesla offers a 3-year warranty on the wall connector charger.


What Electric Cars are compatible with the Tesla Wall Connector Home Charger?

The Wall connector is available with just type 2 EV charger connectors. As we mentioned earlier you CAN use this charger on non-Tesla models which have a type 2 connector. However, some features will be limited to Tesla Owners and this may not be the best home charging solution for your electric car.