Wall Connector by Tesla


Top benefits

Remotely open your Tesla's charge port

Sleek Tesla design

Single unit delivers Slow to 3-phase charging

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All Wall Connector chargers are capable of charging Slow (3 kW), Fast (7 kW) or 3-phase charging (22 kW). Your installer can tell you which is the most appropriate for your home.


Press the unique button on the connector at the end of the cable to pop open your Tesla's charge port remotely

Available as a tethered unit only (with the charging cable permanently attached). Tesla have always built their cars with Type 2 sockets, so the Wall Connector is only available with a Type 2 connector. , This charger will not be compatible with a car that uses a Type 1 socket.


Compatible with all plug-in vehicles with a Type 2 socket (Tesla, or not)


3-year product warranty


Wall Connector - Height: 38cm. Width: 16cm. Depth: 14cm.

Entry Bracket - Height: 27.5cm. Width:13cm. Depth: 5cm.

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Aesthetics 5.0

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15th Nov 19

Now have 2 of these, 1st one bought 3 yrs ago. If you own a TESLA why would you go anywhere else. Future proof against evolution of the vehicle.

from £1449.0

with install and grant (where applicable)