Wall Connector

By Tesla

A sleek Tesla-designed tethered charger. Only Compatible with Type 2 cars. Control and track charging via the Tesla App. 

This charger can only be ordered directly from Tesla. The Wall connector by Tesla costs £475 (including VAT) with free shipping. The price displayed here includes the cost of the charger that you'll need to purchase separately. We'll only charge for the cost of installation.

  • Smart charging
  • 3 year warranty
  • Wi-Fi
  • Tethered option available

More details

  • Compatible with plug-in vehicles with a Type 2 socket only (Tesla, or not)
  • Available as a tethered unit only (with the charging cable permanently attached). Tesla has always built their cars with Type 2 sockets, so the Wall Connector is only available with a Type 2 connector. This charger will not be compatible with a vehicle that uses a Type 1 socket unless there is an adapter
  • 7.3 m cable length
  • Press the unique button on the connector at the end of the cable to pop open your Tesla's charge port remotely
  • Charges your car 3 times faster than a regular 3-pin plug at 7 kW
  • If you have a three-phase power connection to your home (most homes are single-phase) the 22 kW version will charge at up to 3 times the speed. Your installer can tell you if you have a single-phase or 3-phase connection at home
  • 3-year warranty
  • Height: 345 mm x Width: 155 mm x Depth: 110 mm
  • Weight: 6.8 kg

Standard Installation Criteria

Your installation company will check that the requirements of your installation fall within the following Standard Installation criteria. If there are any extra costs involved in your installation they will let you know how much they are and what they are for in your quote.

  • 10m of standard cable
  • Drilling holes and routing of the cable through up to one internal and one external wall
  • Fitting and testing of electrical connections and circuit protections
  • Installation of components to meet the latest wiring regulations, as required (MCBs/RCD/earth rods in soft ground)
  • Including supply and installation of a mini-consumer unit (including surge protection device) and Henley Block
  • No special civil or electrical works
  • Installation and setup of any CT clamps that are included with the product
  • If your installer spots any extra work required they will detail any extra costs at the quote stage.

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