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Including a standard install and the OLEV grant (if applicable). This is a typical price based on what we see in the market. Connect with installers to confirm your personal price.

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Top Benefits

  • Available for pre-order now with a £500 deposit
  • The only floor-mounted charger designed specifically for homes
  • Smart charging saves the average driver up to £234 per year
  • Manage and monitor your charging with the Kønnect App
  • Choose between 3 translucent wood front shades
  • Compatible with every plug-in car
Load balancing

Homes with a low fuse limit used to have to settle for a Slow charger - no longer. This Fast charger lowers power to your car before you blow a fuse. Now you can safely Fast charge without a worry. See product specifics in the description.


Control your charger remotely, get updates on your phone, and automatically charge at the cheapest hours. Smart charging and the right off-peak electricity tariff saves the average driver £234 per year. See product specifics in the description.


This charger speaks to your rooftop solar panels. You're often generating more solar than you're using at home, so rather than send this into the grid, send it into your car. See product specifics in the description.

The P1 in more detail…


  • Compatible with all plug-in vehicles

Smart charging

  • Control your charging and analyse your data with the Kønnect App
  • The P1 connects via ethernet Bluetooth for remote connectivity

Solar charging

  • The P1 links with your rooftop solar panels. You can choose to direct excess solar power straight into your car.

Special features

  • Control your P1 with your smart phone or with voice-control via Alexa
  • Lock your charger remotely with the Kønnect App so you know only you will be using it
  • Top quality components include the eco timber front panel and the Evoflex cable, specially designed for durable EV charging

Load balancing

  • Load balancing reduces power to the car if your home’s usage gets close to your fuse limit.
  • Now those with low fuse limits can charge at full power most of the time, instead of having to settle for a Slow charger


  • The P1 comes with a tethered cable, hidden beneath the sleek exterior.


  • The P1 is a Fast (7kW) charger and is capable of lowering the power output if necessary (see Load Balancing)


  • Lifetime chassis guarantee and 3-year product warranty as standard

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