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Including a standard install and the OLEV grant (if applicable). This is a typical price based on what we see in the market. Connect with installers to confirm your personal price.

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by Rolec

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Top Benefits

  • Connects to your solar panels so you can charge purely on sun power
  • Choose from five different colours
  • Compatible with every plug-in car

The SolarCharge in more detail…


  • Compatible with all plug-in vehicles


  • Select from the tethered version (with a cable attached) or the untethered version (a socket for your own cable). If you choose the tethered version, check with your installer that they are giving you the right cable for your car.


  • Available as a Slow or Fast charger. Your installer can recommend a speed based on your home’s electricity fuse.

Solar Charging

  • SolarCharge links with your rooftop solar panels. You can choose to direct excess solar power straight into your car.

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