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Simplifying EV charging for businesses

The Rightcharge Electric Fuel Card simplifies your drivers' EV charging across home, public and workplace

30 day free trial


Access to the UK's best public charging network


Automatically pay off part of your driver's home energy bill to cover their home charging

Now Live (Beta)!


See all your cost and carbon reporting in one place

Coming later in 2024

Electric Car

Drivers can pay with company or personal funds by simply tapping the Rightcharge Card at 46,000+ charge points.

Access to the UK's best public charging network with one card

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

You can pay for your drivers' home charging by making one payment to Rightcharge, who then distributes funds to their home energy suppliers, so employees are never out of pocket.

Pay off part of your driver's energy bill so they don’t have to 

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Manage all your drivers' electric vehicle charging in one dashboard, including public, workplace, and home charging.

See all your fleet’s charging activity in one dashboard

Our public charging network

  • Alfa power​

  • Allego

  • BE.EV

  • Blink


  • Charge My Street

  • ChargePoint

  • Clenergy EV

  • Connected_Kerb

  • Dragon Charging

  • ESB

  • EV Point

  • Evyve

  • EZ Charge

  • Fastned

  • ForEV 

We boast the best network of 46,000+ public charging points, and it's constantly expanding.

Whether you require a rapid charger or the convenience of charging close to you, we have a charger that suits your needs.

Rightcharge map.png

  • Fuuse 

  • GeniePoint 

  • InstaVolt

  • Ionity

  • Mer 

  • MFG 

  • Monta

  • Osprey

  • Plug & Go 

  • PoGo Charge 

  • Porsche 

  • Project EV 

  • RAW Charging

  • Shell Recharge

  • Source London

  • Wenea

Home payment solution

Automatically pay off part of your driver's home energy bill to cover their home charging

Compatible with all energy suppliers
Compatible with all smart home EV chargers 


Manual Upload

  • Boost

  • British Gas

  • Co-op

  • EDF 

  • EON

  • EON Next 

  • Octopus

  • Opus Energy

  • OVO Utility Warehouse

  • Scottish Power 

  • SO Energy 

  • Chargepoint

  • Easee

  • EO

  • EVBox

  • MyEnergi

  • Project EV 

  • Wallbox

  • Zaptec

  • More coming soon...

  • BP Pulse

  • Hypervolt

  • Indra

  • Ohme

  • Pod Point

  • Rolec

  • Simpson & Partner

  • Tesla

  • VChrgd 

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One dashboard to view your fleet's charging, cost and carbon analytics 

Copy of charging analytics   copy.png

Public, home and workplace charging all in one place

charging analytics  .png

Detailed and accurate breakdown of all drivers charging sessions 

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Price Guarantee

You won't find a better deal. We'll match the price you're already paying elsewhere if you're already using a similar service. 

Plans to suit your needs

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Business - Public 
£4.99 / month / driver

The UK's largest public charging network

  • Give your drivers access to the UK's best public charging network. 37,000+ chargers across the UK and 500,000+ across Europe

  • See the location, power and prices of public chargers on an easy-to-use map

  • Bundle all charging transactions into one payment

  • See company-wide cost and CO2 analytics 

  • Download all VAT receipts (public) in one click

  • Choose, for each driver, whether the business or driver pays up-front for public charging

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Business - Home
£9.99 / month / driver

Pay drivers' energy suppliers or simplify expenses

  • Pay for your drivers charging with direct-to-energy-supplier payments

  • Or, give them accurate and simple receipts they can use for expenses

  • All enabled by our charger and energy supplier integrations

  • Bundle all charging payments into one

  • See company-wide cost and CO2 analytics 

  • Download all itemised receipts in one click

  • Choose, for each driver, whether the business or driver pays up-front for charging

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Support at every step

You'll be allocated a dedicated account manager, who will help you from start to finish 

Frequently asked questions

1. How do fleet managers pay for employees' electric vehicle charging? 

All driver public charging transactions are combined into one single HMRC-complaint invoice. Fleet managers will pay a single monthly invoice via direct debit. 

2. What are the unit rates for public charging using the Rightcharge card?

The unit rates for using the Rightcharge card align with those set by charge point operators, with no additional transaction fees at any public charge points. For the latest pricing information for each public charge point, refer to the Rightcharge portal.

3. How do I get started?

 Click 'sign up' above to start. If you encounter any issues, email

4. Can I get a free trial?

We're currently offering a 30 day trial. Throughout the trial period, Rightcharge does not charge any subscription fees. Your only expense during this time is the cost incurred for any charging sessions. You can cancel anytime, no cancellation fees.

5.  What features do you have planned next for Rightcharge’s Electric Fuel Card?

Currently, businesses can enjoy access to home charging features and payments, along with a comprehensive dashboard featuring fleet cost and carbon analytics. Our public charge card is coming soon. Post-launch, we're committed to developing additional features, including workplace charging, tariff intelligence and more!

6. How can I contact Rightcharge directly? 

If you wish to reach us directly, please don't hesitate to get in touch via We're here to help you.

7. What if I am an individual driver who wants to use your service, but my fleet hasn’t signed up?

For individual drivers not associated with a company account, you can still access Rightcharge's EV charging solution using an individual account. This provides access to over 46,000 public chargers, allowing you to easily export itemised receipts for both public and home charging costs.

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Page last updated: 16th January 2024

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