EV Reimbursement: What you need to know

Navigating the nuances of electric vehicle (EV) mileage reimbursement can feel like learning a new language in the dynamic landscape of business travel. Although it may seem like an uncharted path, with each rolling mile marking a revolutionary transition from combustion engines to silent electric motors, clear guidelines are necessary to ensure fairness and accuracy. […]

Navigating the Landscape of Electric Vehicle Fleets

The hum of innovation is getting louder, and leading the charge are electric vehicle fleets. Pioneering an era of clean transportation, they’re not just changing the way businesses think about mobility—they’re redefining it. Introduction to electric vehicle fleets Electric vehicles (EV) have changed the way we think about transportation, both for personal and business use. […]

Advisory electricity rates: An informative guide

In an age driven by sustainability, the rising popularity of electric cars is hardly surprising. But as you embark on the eco-friendly journey, you may find yourself faced with peculiar jargon such as “advisory fuel rates” and “advisory electricity rates.” Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Fear not! This comprehensive guide will demystify all there is to […]

EV Charge Card: Which one is right for me?

As we embrace the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, it’s important to find solutions that make life easier. One such innovation is the EV charge card. This handy tool makes charging your EV quick, reliable, and convenient. But what exactly is an EV charge card, and what makes it special? Let’s explore the world of electric […]