EV Reimbursement: What you need to know

Navigating the nuances of electric vehicle (EV) mileage reimbursement can feel like learning a new language in the dynamic landscape of business travel. Although it may seem like an uncharted path, with each rolling mile marking a revolutionary transition from combustion engines to silent electric motors, clear guidelines are necessary to ensure fairness and accuracy. […]

Navigating the Landscape of Electric Vehicle Fleets

The hum of innovation is getting louder, and leading the charge are electric vehicle fleets. Pioneering an era of clean transportation, they’re not just changing the way businesses think about mobility—they’re redefining it. Introduction to electric vehicle fleets Electric vehicles (EV) have changed the way we think about transportation, both for personal and business use. […]

Electric car battery life: Powering the future

As we stand on the threshold of an automobile revolution, electric cars represent a beacon of promise for a greener future. However, one question still looms for potential buyers and electric vehicle enthusiasts: how long does an electric car battery last? Fundamentally, understanding the lifespan and performance of electric car batteries can help mitigate concerns, […]

A Complete Guide: Electric Car kilowatt per mile rating explained

Electric cars are revolutionising how we view transportation. There’s plenty of chatter about their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. However, underneath all these great expectations lies a key factor with fascinating implications: the electric car’s kilowatt-hours (kWh) per mile rating. Let me guide you through this essential concept that is […]

Electric car service cost: An in-depth exploration

When it comes to owning an electric car, understanding the associated service costs can easily translate into substantial savings over time. That’s particularly true in light of today’s increased interest in and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). So, are you curious about what goes into the total cost of servicing an electric car? If so, […]

EV Myths: Carbon emissions, cost and range anxiety

The saying goes, “Knowledge is Power.” However, in today’s society, we are bombarded with a constant flow of news, opinions, and social media posts. This can lead to the disregard of important facts. Misconceptions can persist, even though it is surprising when you consider how passionate people can get when having a discussion about electric […]

Diesel Hybrid vs Petrol Hybrid – Which One Is Right for You?

Choosing the right car can often seem like a daunting task, especially when considering plug-in hybrids. Should you opt for a diesel hybrid over a petrol hybrid? Which offers better performance and efficiency? And ultimately, which choice is more kind to the environment? Well, worry not. This comprehensive article aims to help clarify these concerns […]

EV charging for businesses

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is charging up, bringing about an electrifying change in the transport industry. Unsurprisingly, it has rippled its way into the business world as well. Today, we zone in on one significant game-changer: EV charging for businesses. If you’re a business owner wondering how to navigate this landscape or just curious […]