Lookers have partnered with electric vehicle and home charging comparison service Rightcharge as part of a new drive to help customers transition away from petrol and diesel.

The UK government has pledged to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, with a ban on new hybrid sales in 2035 as part of its strategy to cut the transport sector’s carbon emissions – and it is estimated 10 million people will make the switch over the next 10 years.

Set up by ex-CERN engineer and entrepreneur Charlie Cook, the Rightcharge platform will offer Lookers’ customers “a tailored comparison of home charge points and energy tariffs, combined with recommended installers for domestic chargers”.

Lookers said customers could reduce their energy bills by over £500 a year by switching to an EV-friendly energy tariff and scheduling for the off-peak hours with a smart charge point.

Andrew Hall, business development director at Lookers, said: “Our research shows that while many customers are really keen to embrace electric driving and they’re excited by the increasingly extensive range of powerful new models available, most need additional information, guidance and practical help around tariffs and chargers to help them on their journey.

“By combining our vehicle knowledge and expertise with Rightcharge as part of an all-in-one comprehensive service, we’ll be ensuring that every customer can make a more confident move to electric and save money while getting on the road.”

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), battery-powered vehicles currently account for more than one in 10 new UK car registrations and this figure is expected to grow sharply in the years ahead.

Cook said the partnership with Lookers would help to encourage more consumers to make the switch: “Spurred by ambitious government targets for the removal of full petrol or diesel cars by 2030, there has been a surge in interest and demand for the growing choice of vehicles, tariffs and chargers in a market.

“Helping drivers understand the savings possible through switching home energy tariffs once they are charging at home is the next big step for the car industry and Lookers are leading the way by bringing tariffs into the showrooms.”

Separately, in a further partnership arrangement, all Lookers staff can now acquire an electric vehicle home charger from Rightcharge on a Lookers-funded zero-percent scheme.

Last month, Lookers also announced a partnership with EV charging locator and mapping specialist Zap-Map.

Lookers’ customers can now access Zap-Map’s interactive software through its online channels, enabling them to find the locations of thousands of electric charging points.

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