What is the OZEV Grant?

The OZEV EVHS grant is another name for the electric vehicle homecharge scheme, which was introduced by the government to support the uptake of low emission vehicles. The office for low emission vehicles has been set up with the specific target of decreasing emissions. In May 2020, this department announced £2 billion towards schemes including electric vehicle chargers. With the rising number of EV drivers, this government grant is designed to lower the cost of purchasing EV cars and EV chargers, in turn helping the UK to reduce emissions.

The OZEV grant offers £350 towards the cost of installing a home charging point for you electric car.

Useful OZEV Grant Links

Office for zero emission vehicles - OZEV

OLEV/OZEV Grant Summary

The prices you see on the Rightcharge comparison system take the £350 OZEV Homecharge grant into account. So what is the grant and how do I claim one?

In summary:

  • The OZEV Homecharge grant covers 75% of the cost of buying and installing a smart home charge point up to a maximum of £350. Eligible drivers usually get the full £350.
  • You need to meet a few criteria to qualify (see the full details below), which includes owning or leasing an electric or hybrid car and having private off-street parking associated with your property.
  • The installation needs to be carried out by an OZEV approved installer.
  • Any installation company that you connect with through Rightcharge will be OZEV-approved.
  • The grant is removed from the total price before you pay your installer. They then claim the grant back from OZEV.
  • A further £300 is available in Scotland from the Energy Saving Trust.
  • OZEV also offer up businesses and workplaces up to £350 per socket (some charge points have two sockets) through the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).

Am I eligible for the OZEV Homecharge grant?

One of the most common questions is of course 'Can I get an OZEV grant?'

To be eligible for the OZEV Homecharge grant you must:

  • Own, lease or be the named user of a qualifying electric or hybrid vehicle. Eligible Electric Vehicles
  • The lease must be for at least 6 months and you must be the named user of a company car for at least 6 months.
  • Have your charge point installed no more than 4 months before the delivery date of your car or motorcycle if the vehicle is on order.
  • Not have claimed the grant previously in your household. Unless you have a second qualifying car in your household, in which case you can claim twice, but not a third time.
  • Have your charge point installed by an OZEV-approved installer (like any installer you will connect with through Rightcharge).

Once you request a quote through Rightcharge, your point installer will be able to confirm your eligibility.

Which charge points can I get the OZEV grant for?

As of 1st April 2020 the grant only applies to smart home charge points. The charger needs to be capable of sending and receiving information. This is OZEV's list of all approved charge points.

The prices shown on the Rightcharge comparison system take into account whether or not the charge point is OZEV approved. The majority of charge points shown in the comparison are OZEV-approved but the odd charge point that is not approved (like the Tesla Wall Charger) can be a lot more expensive to install.

Downloadable List of Charge Points eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

Which vehicles are eligible for the grant?

All full battery electric vehicles are eligible for the OZEV EVHS grant but some plug-in hybrids may not be depending on thier emissions. In order to be eligble for the grant the hybrids CO2 emission level needs to be below 50g/km.

This list is kept up to date by the OZEV department and changes regularly. These are vehicles which have been approved to be ultra low emission. Its also worth noting that this list includes electric vehicles which might not be eligible for the grant due to exceeding the price cap or no long being sold in the UK. Check the full list below to find out if you have an eligible vehicle.

Vehicles eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

Downloadable List of Vehicles eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

What is the difference between the OZEV & OLEV Grants?

In January 2021 the OLEV grant was renamed to OZEV (Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles). The grant and eligibility criteria have not changed but as the department have been renamed so has the grant. If your electric vehicle was eligible for the grant before then it will still qualify for the OZEV Grant.

Can I get the OZEV grant for my workplace?

The OZEV grant is designed specifically for home charging points at non-commercial properties (your home!).

There is also a workplace charging scheme (ECS) which works slightly differently for business. If you are looking for more information about charging point installation for you business you can check out our handy guide below or apply directly via the government website

Workplace Charging Schemes Useful Links

Workplace Charging Scheme Guide - WCS

Apply for the workplace charging scheme

How to apply for the OZEV EVHS grant

The grant is claimed by your installer from the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

When you request a quote through Rightcharge you are connected to an OZEV approved installer. They will then:

  • Provide a quote based on the complexity of your installation
  • Remove the grant amount from your price if you are eligible
  • Ask you to provide some information so that they can reclaim the grant back from OZEV

You do not need to do anything other than provide some information to your installer and the grant will be removed from your total installation price if you are eligible.

For more information on the OZEV grant, see all of the details from OZEV, call us on 0808 164 1045 or email us at [email protected]

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