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Will you be using on-street charge points day-to-day? Or planning a long drive in your electric car? We recommend taking a look at these options.
1. Electric Juice Network

A network of networks from Octopus Energy, allowing for “pay as you go” charging

Electric Juice allows drivers to roam across a growing number of public charging networks with a single account. Start charging on any of these networks with a click on the Electric Juice app or a swipe of the Electric Juice card. A monthly cumulative bill will allow for straightforward payments.

See more details including networks and prices below.

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2. BP Pulse

One of the largest networks in the UK - a monthly subscription service with access to 7000 charge points

Unlike the Electric Juice Network, The BP Pulse Network involves a monthly subscription of £7.85 per month. However, it’s one of the most commonly seen networks and offers 3 free months by signing up through the link below.

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3. Other networks

There are dozens of other networks - with payment usually on the spot

Depending on coverage density of frequent routes and local areas, other networks may have an advantage over BP Pulse and Electric Juice Networks.

We recommend the Zap Map search tool to easily find other networks.

4. Community charging

Community charging uses a private driveway for a charge (the ‘AirBnB of charging’).

The CoCharger app will find nearby “hosts” and allow you to book a time to charge. Explore locations for hosts using the CoCharger Map and download the app (Andriod or Apple) by following the button below.

5. Charging Courier Services

A new breed of companies that will collect your car and do the charging for you.

With a small service fee of £5 per charge and a competitive kWh rate capped at £0.25 as an example, companies such as zumocharge will collect and return your car with a guaranteed minimum charge - without the need for you to be around. zumocharge currently only operates their overnight charging courier service in London.

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