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Zappi Charger Benefits

The leaders in Solar Charging

And powerful for drivers without solar too

Control charging with the MyEnergi app

Zappi 2.0 Specs


Compatible with all plug-in vehicles


Choose for your Zappi charger to come with a cable attached (tethered), or with a socket for you to plug in your own cable (untethered).

Smart charging

Change your charging settings and monitor the flow of electricity through your home with the MyEnergi app. The app is able to show you the energy consumption of any piece of equipment that is connected to the Zappi (via cables, 2 of which come as standard). This could be your solar panels, battery storage, or even hot tub. Connect to your home wifi via the MyEnergi Hub. The Hub is included with all purchases eligible for the OLEV grant, or can be bought from your installer, or directly from MyEnergi

Connect to your home wifi via the MyEnergi Hub. The Hub is included with all purchases eligible for the OLEV grant, or can be bought from your installer, or directly from MyEnergi

The Zappi 2.0 can schedule against the off-peak periods of any energy tariff and this now includes the dynamic 'Agile' tariff from Octopus Energy.


Available as a Fast (7 kW) charge point but is capable of lowering the power output if necessary (see Fuse Protection, and Solar Integration)

If you have a three-phase power connection to your home (most homes are single-phase) the 22 kW version will charge at up to 3 times the speed of the Fast version. Your installer can tell you if you have a single-phase or 3-phase connection at home.

Fuse Protection (Load Balancing)

Fuse Protection reduces power to the car if your home’s usage gets close to your fuse limit. Now drivers with low home fuse limits can still charge at full power most of the time

Solar integration

Eco and Eco+ mode prioritise your excess rooftop solar generation over energy from the grid. Eco mode charges your car at minimum power (1.4kW) until it detects excess solar generation. Eco+ mode won’t charge your car at all, unless you’re producing more solar power than you're using in the house

Zappi's software has been designed for use alongside home battery storage and solar hot water diversion systems. Allowing you to set a priorities for the storage of solar - either going first to your car, your battery or your hot water tank.

Clean install

Most EV chargers require an earth rod (a metal pole) to be sunk vertically into the ground near your charger, especially if the charger is installed outside. The Zappi EV charger has in-built earthing protection to avoid the need for an earth rod


3-year product warranty


Height: 43.9cm. Width: 28.2cm. Depth: 12.2cm.

Zappi Charger Reviews Leave a review

4.6 14 reviews

Features 4.8

Aesthetics 4.6

Reliability 4.7


12th Oct 21

We have just had this installed no issues, ap works very well, this is my first ev, and home charging point, I am delighted with my choice and highly recommend


26th Apr 20

I think this product is really an early beta charger. It costs *a lot* and for the first six months I had it, most of its features didn’t work with my car... before buying one CHECK that it really does work, especially if you are getting a new car. The idea is 5* - you have a charger that you leave plugged in and it just uses excess solar to charge. This works for me with my Audi e-tron, after various firmware upgrades. Downsides are mainly: - terrible app, which you can’t use to configure the charger (apart from changing charge mode and setting timers), it refreshes painfully slowly so you can’t see your instruction to switch charge mode has been executed instantly, takes an age to see the chart for yesterday’s data, and can’t export the data into useable formats - the upgrade process is painful and complicated, which given it’s so new will be required! - it’s hard to get set up right - my installer didn’t understand the instructions and it took several goes with the tech support people to get it working The upsides are that now it’s working it is doing exactly what it says it will do. With a FAST interface that let me access my data and configure the thing properly, I’d give it 5* for everything now it works with my car. As it is, just know what you’re getting yourself into, but I’m delighted that it is properly diverting my solar into my BEV so is worth the money.


25th Jan 20

Fantastic products and great people with more to come


25th Jan 20

Just had my Zappi installed last week and am absolutely delighted with the system. It is simplicity itself to switch through the charging modes. The graphics show where the power is coming from and going.


25th Jan 20

I installed a Zappi in Spain and it works seamlessly and as promised!


25th Jan 20

Amazing product! best thing I've bought in a while, it works so well with everything! Thank you so much Zappi Team!


25th Jan 20

The zappi a fantastic bit of kit. It has the advantage of being very simple to use (once you have it on the mode you want you can just leave it there, and all you have to do is plug and unplug like any other charger).


25th Jan 20

Had my Zappi Chager installed at the end of June and it is a truely fantastic charger. It is so easy to navigate the charging modes and the graphics are extremely clear and beyond informative.


25th Jan 20

Love our Zappi! Installed summer 2018 and does exactly what we need. To show how customisable it is, I currently have it set to charge off grid at full speed between 00:30 and 04:30 in the morning


14th Jan 20

Dreadful charger. Does not do what it says. You are supposed to choose what % of solar PV energy you want to use, but it ignores settings and charges on expensive daytime electricity. Build quality useless..display panel falling apart after 12 mths


14th Nov 19

Nothing comes close to the features the Zappi has. My installer loved it. I’m now going to get an Eddi and looking forward to more myenergi products.

Jim Westwood

6th Sep 19

Amazing charger. Really useful features for off peak charging and app to connect to your phone. No issues since purchase 2 years ago.


6th Sep 19

The Zappi 2 is fantastic. We have been using it for a couple of weeks and can now easily charge our Nissan Leaf from our solar PV. We are about to get our smart meter installed and will then use the Zappi to charge at the Octopus Go overnight tariff.

jonathan ,

6th Sep 19

What a fantastic charger, we went for untethered as we sell both type 1 and 2 conected evs here on orkney.The ability for us to use the 4kw pv on our roof to fill our evs is great.The app to is great and can switch the charge between fast , eco, eco+

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Zappi 2.0 Charger - Our Guide

Now you have seen all the specs and reviews for the Zappi electric car charger here are our thoughts on what makes this home charging point from Myenergi a great way to charge your EV.

Why choose the Zappi 2.0 charger?

Solar Pv or Wind Power

If you have solar panels or even a wind turbine at your property then this is the perfect EV charging solution for your home. The unique eco charging modes and programmable timer function enables you to really make the most out of your home PV system, to not only save money but ensure you are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Ease of use

While other EV charging points can make use of solar and wind turbine energy produced, few have such simple to use settings to get the most out of free energy sources and economy tariff. The Myenegi hub dashboard (via an app) is very user friendly, making setting charging targets and eco mode selection quick and easy. From this hub, you can see in real-time where your energy is coming from and how much is coming from renewable sources vs the grid.


The charger design is slick and fits in well with most modern homes. The unit has an LCD panel, with quick settings and options to adjust on the unit itself when you don't have access to the app.


The Zappi charger comes with a 3-year warranty.

How Does the Zappi EV Charger Work?

The Zappi is a smart EV charger and comes with three charging modes to optimise the charging point depending on your needs and how you want to charge your car.

Fast Mode

As the name suggests this is the fasted mode to charge your EV. This setting enables the full use of the 7KW, 32A capacity for maximum output and speed as a regular electric car charger would directly from mains power.

Eco Mode

The eco mode will use power from solar PV or wind as well as pulling from the mains supply to top up if needed, so if you would like to use the free energy primarily but also need to make sure the car is charged this mode is for you.

Eco+ Mode

The eco+ mode goes one step further and will charge using purely the solar or wind power available. This makes the charger perfect for EV owners with solar panels or a wind turbine, allowing for the cheapest possible electric charging.

This works by a CT clamp going around the meter tail, which alerts the Zappi charger what power is about to be exported to the grid and then diverts the energy to the electric vehicle as needed. In this mode, if the solar or wind power is low, it will automatically pause the charge until available again to ensure you don't pay more than needed.

What Electric Cars are compatible with the Zappi Charger?

The Zappi is available with both the type 1 and type 2 EV charger connectors. This means that most electric vehicles are compatible with the Zappi charging point. This also includes some plugin hybrid vehicles, such as the Land Rover PHEV and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Some of the most popular vehicles the Zappi EV charger is compatible with are listed below. For a full up to date, list check with the manufacturer directly.

Zappi Compatibility

  • - Jaguar I-PACE
  • - Volvo XC40 Recharge
  • - The smart EQ fortwo and forfour
  • - The Tesla range
  • - Audi e-tron range
  • - Peugeot e-208 & e-2008 SUV
  • - The Ford Mustang Mach-e
  • - The EQC - Mercedes
  • - The Outlander PHEV
  • - The Mini Electric
  • - The whole Land Rover PHEV range
  • - The full BMW i range of PHEVs
  • - The Citroen Electric and Plug-in Hybrid range
  • - The Volkswagen ID range
  • - The Nissan Leaf
  • - Kia Niro range
  • - Hyundai Kona & Ionic

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