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Copper SB by Wallbox


Smart Charging Fuse Protection

Copper SB Charger Benefits

Untethered for use with any vehicle

Lock and unlock with facial recognition

Change settings with a wave of your hand

Copper SB Specs


Compatible with all plug-in vehicles

Smart charging

Control your charging and analyse your data with the myWallbox App

Copper connects via WiFi or Bluetooth for remote connectivity

3g and 4g connectivity can be included for £99. Ask your installer to include in their quote

Fuse Protection (Load Balancing)

Fuse Protection reduces power to the car if your home’s usage gets close to your fuse limit. Now drivers with low home fuse limits can still charge at full power most of the time.


The Copper comes as a tethered charger (with the charging cable attached).

See the Copper S for the untethered version of this charger (a socket for your car's own charging cable).


Available as a Fast charger (7 kW) and is capable of lowering the power output if necessary (see Fuse Protection)


3-year product warranty as standard.

5-year warranty available for £159. Ask your installer to include in their quote


Height: 26cm. Width: 19.2cm. Depth: 11.3cm.

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The Wallbox Copper SB EV Charger - Guide


The Copper SB electric vehicle charger is a stylish workplace charger which has a universal socket, suitable for both type 1 and type 2 vehicle connectors. Here are some of the key features of the robust charging unit.

Why choose the Copper EV charger?


Commercial EV chargers can sometimes be lacking when it comes to design as functionality over style is preferred. Not in the case of the Wallbox Copper SB. This compact design in black looks the part at a smart business. If you want to test out what the charger will look like, you can now view the charger in augmented reality prior to purchase.

To do this head on over to the Wallbox website and follow the instructions on screen.

Connector Types

If you are installing a charger for a commercial or public area then it is important to have the flexibility for multiple users to use the device. With both type 1 and type 2 connectors available to use, your users will be covered.

MyWallbox Charging Management

The Wallbox Copper SB will is always connected to the mywallbox management platform. The allows for multiple users to be monitored and power sharing to be enabled across your chargers, optimising the available power and improving the performance for the chargers. This can be managed via the wallbox app or mywallbox portal.

Power Output

The Copper SB has a maximum power output of 22 kW (3-Phase) or 7.4kW (1-phase) charging capacity which gives a charging speed upto 8x faster than a standard charger. It also includes an optional power boost feature to reduce the output if you exceed the maximum allowed by your contract at work or home.

Cable Length

The Copper SB is not tethered so users will need their own type 1 or type 2 connector cable in order to use the chargers.

User Security

The Wallbox Copper SB uses facial recognition technology to unlock the charger automatically when it recognises a users face.

You can also us RFID cards to gives users outside of your company access to the charger by proximity.


The Copper SB charger comes with a 3 year warranty as standard with up to 5 years available.

How Much Does the Wallbox Copper SB Cost?

The Wallbox Copper SB come in between the £899-£1300 mark including installation. This is inclusive of both the charger and installation of the unit.

The cost of this charger can be significantly reduced by taking advantage of the OZEV grant (formally OLEV grant), which can take up to £350 of the total cost of the charger.

Compared to other electric car chargers on the market the Copper SB can provide a great solution for commercial or semi public charging needed.

What Electric Cars are compatible with the Wallbox Copper SB EV Chargers?

As the Copper SB is compatible with both the type 1 and type 2 EV charger connectors all types of electric cars and vehicles are compatible for charging. Available in both 1 phase and 3 phase versions, you can find the right charging solution for your needs.

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